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Thumb jockeys, unite. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS) has decided to use real gamers for its TV ads.

We love the idea. Nerdy smackdowns have been bringing the funny since Napoleon Dynamite became a big-screen hit. But what if EA succeeds in its bid for Take-Two Interactive (NASDAQ:TTWO)? Campaigns would surely extend beyond the sports brands -- gangsta gamers hawking Grand Theft Auto, for example. (Shudder.)

But that's another list for another day. Think you're ready to be "in the game," as EA says? Here are five signs you'll be the firm's next sports star. Drumroll, please:

5. You frequently brag about your digital outfielder's "cannon of an arm."

4. You look just good enough to not upstage the console.

3. The closest you've been to a football field is your nationally televised defeat during season one of Madden Nation.

2. You bought a $200 headset to go with your gaming console because "that's how the pros do it."

And the No. 1 sign that you might star in a new EA Sports ad: You replayed the Super Bowl in Madden NFL till your team won -- by the exact score you predicted in the office pool.

In the game: ads
EA is in a tough spot; third-and-long and facing a wicked pass rush from bulked-up competitors Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVID) and Nintendo (OTC BB: NTDOY.PK).

Better pitches will help with blocking but so might having more of them. EA has been actively creating and selling ad space in its games. A downloadable version of the shooter Battlefield Heroes is to be entirely ad-supported in a Madison Avenue meets Byte Street moment. Will Hollywood-style ad inventory deals with big firms such as Omnicom (NYSE:OMC), Interpublic (NYSE:IPG), and WPP Group (NASDAQ:WPPGY) be next? We think so.

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