The Motley Fool's CAPS investing service is great way for investors to work together to beat the market -- and maybe get famous while they're at it. Among its features, CAPS lets users blog about their picks, investing strategies, market views, their favorite college football team, or whatever floats their boat.

As the CAPS blogosphere continues to grow, players are adding more great content on a daily basis. To make it easier to find some of the gems out there, I've dug through the past week's posts to find some of CAPS' best insights. Of course, with room for only seven posts here, I can't possibly cover all of the great stuff in the CAPS blogosphere. So when you're done here, I highly recommend heading over to CAPS and checking out what some of the other investors have to say.

The SEC is a bunch of toothless buffoons
Quite the bold statement, eh? Well, CAPS blogger TMFDeej is pulling no punches as he looks at the SEC's recent regulation changes when it comes to the big three bond raters -- Moody's (NYSE:MCO), Standard & Poor's, and Fitch. As the title implies, Deej doesn't think that the SEC went far enough with the new rules. But of course, my summary couldn't do Deej's post justice, so go ahead and click through to his blog!

Ford throws GM under the bus (the SUV?)
There's no shortage of jibes at U.S. automakers Ford (NYSE:F), GM (NYSE:GM), and Chrysler as they try desperately to get money from the government to help them survive the current recession. TMFBomb has one more to share. Head over to his blog to find out what the three stooges of the auto industry are up to now.

Foolanthropy's "My Two Cents" campaign
Want your voice to be heard on the stocks you follow and contribute to society at the same time? Well for the month of December, that's easy, just participate in The Motley Fool's CAPS service and discussion boards, and The Fool will cough up cash for charities. Check out TMFMarfa's blog to get the details on this great program.

A coiled spring: near-term catalysts and oversold stocks
There hasn't been much in this market that we could call springy, but CAPS blogger ETFinnovators thinks he's found a few stocks that have catalysts around the corner. Among the stocks with potential near-term triggers are AMAG Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:AMAG) and Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ). For the rest of the list, along with the details, head over to ETFinnovators' blog.

Sick of the market's volatility? Join the club. Motley Fool co-founder TMFBreakerDave (aka David Gardner) has an interesting stat to share with us that does a great job underscoring just how intense the volatility has been. Click through to David's blog for the low-down.

Does anyone look at a balance sheet?!?!
A worthy question posed recently by CAPS blogger kevinwinter. Specifically, Kevin has been looking at AgFeed (NASDAQ:FEED) and North American Galvanizing (NASDAQ:NGA) and wondering why these companies with little or no debt get no respect from Mr. Market. To read kevinwinter's consternation, head over to his blog.

Tweets of the week
And of course, would your week possibly be complete without the best of the bite-sized Motley Fool? If you answered "no," then you're in luck, because TMFNato has rounded up all the best of The Motley Fool's posts on Twitter for the week. Click through to take a gander at the tweets.

And that's our round-up for this week. Be sure to check back next week for more great blogging action. In the meantime, why not head over to CAPS and add your two cents to the community pool?

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