Video gaming blog Gamasutra has stumbled upon an intriguing job opening at the DVD rental specialist. Netflix is hoping to hire an "Engineering Leader-Gaming Platforms" now. If Netflix wanted its online streaming service to interact exclusively with the Xbox 360, why would the "gaming platforms" mention be plural?

You can go a few lines lower, where Netflix spells out one of the job qualifications as being "familiar with several" of the current generation consoles.

Sony (NYSE:SNE) and Nintendo (OTC BB: NTDOY.PK) will hopefully hear the cue. Sony is an attractive choice for film buffs, given the Blu-ray playback on its PS3. Nintendo's Wii isn't as home-theater friendly, but it is the system to beat at the moment.

Microsoft proved that Netflix and gaming belong together. Less than three months after Netflix began allowing Xbox Live Gold subscribers to stream Netflix flicks through their consoles, a million Xbox users have activated their accounts. They had seen a total of 1.5 billion minutes of streamed content at the time.

It's easy to see why Netflix was so chummy with Microsoft last year. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings sits on the Microsoft board of directors. Mr. Softy also has an enviable community of gamers paying a premium for Xbox Live Gold.

Digital rivals like Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Blockbuster (NYSE:BBI) are also appealing to diehard gamers in new ways. Amazon recently began selling Xbox Live titles piecemeal, is selling PC gaming downloads, and even began buying back used games. Blockbuster has already gone public with its intention to take on Gamefly in the realm of video game rentals by mail. Netflix can't afford to coast, not when so many companies are trying to woo diehard gamers who also appreciate flicks.

So Netflix is hiring, and it's looking for someone who is willing to play the field. It's clearly a big game right now, and it's refreshing to know that Netflix gets that.

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