With Viacom's (NYSE:VIA) Star Trek opening this weekend -- and a refreshingly refashioned version at that -- I figured I would hop on the starship Enterprise and take a quick peek at some of the things happening down below on Earth.

Leaning on IMDB.com to refresh my memory on some of the memorable quotes from the original series, let's see whether I can tether fresh stories with classic sci-fi moments.

Spock: "Fascinating" is a word I use for the unexpected. "Interesting" shall suffice here.

Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI) posted its first sequential dip in subscribers by closing out the quarter with 404,422 fewer listeners than when it started. The drop was not exactly unexpected. Once the company snuffed out its subscriber growth targets several months ago, assuming the worst became easy. Thankfully, Sirius XM posted improving financials, with a much narrower deficit than what Wall Street was expecting. 

Kirk: Spock, give me an update on the dark area ahead.

Spock: No analysis, because of insufficient information.

Kirk: No speculation, no information, nothing? I've asked you three times for information on that thing, and you've been unable to supply it. Insufficient information is not sufficient, Mr. Spock! You're the science officer. You're supposed to have sufficient data all the time.

Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN) introduced a larger, more student-friendly version of its Kindle on Wednesday. Despite its higher price tag, the Kindle DX has potential on campus as an alternative for bulky and costly college textbooks, and possibly at home as a newspaper replacement. However, keeping in line with how tight-lipped Amazon has always been, the company still isn't revealing any sales figures for how many Kindle devices have been sold. Sorry, Amazon, but that is "insufficient information."

Dr. McCoy: He's dead, Jim.

McDonald's (NYSE:MCD) began marketing its McCafe line of premium lattes, cappuccinos, and coffees on Tuesday. You'll never be able to compare a Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) in-store experience to that of a noisy Mickey D's, but it's safe to write off a near-term turnaround at the Seattle java giant, as the world's leading restaurant chain markets its beverages aggressively.

Kirk: There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere.

Investors bid up shares of Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) this week, despite reports claiming that the disgraced banker would have to raise tens of billions in new capital. 

Spock: Logic and practical information do not seem to apply here.

Well, welcome to Wall Street! What's with the ears?

Until next week, I remain,
Rick Munarriz

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