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A tall drink of water
With uranium miner Cameco setting the pace with its latest earnings report, will it now turn its attention to making the acquisition it mused about earlier this year?

Cameco raised $460 million back in March, just before piquing everyone's interest in potential merger moves. Its current cash position is $349 million with long-term debt of $811 million, giving it a net debt of $462 million. CEO Jerry Grandey said he wanted to make a purchase in the $1 billion to $2 billion range, meaning he'd have to shore up his finances a little more before he could move forward. Cameco might be preparing to do just that. In the quarterly report, the uranium giant said it was filing a shelf offering for up to $1 billion in senior debt, the proceeds of which would be used to refinance its current debt holdings.

Grandey told analysts not to think any M&A activity was imminent just because of the filing, but acquisition targets are not so plentiful in the industry and they're not going to get any cheaper if an economic rebound begins in earnest.

Because of their size, BHP Billiton (NYSE:BHP) and Rio Tinto (NYSE:RTP) are out of the question as possible targets, but maybe USEC (NYSE:USU), which has seen a quarter of its value melted after the Energy Department denied its loan request, might be a possibility. Considering USEC said in the aftermath it might have to consider "strategic alternatives," it's plausible.

CAPS member rlbenner says when it comes to Cameco, he who hesitates is lost: "The best managed uranium company with a fist full of cash and on the lookout for new acquisitions once the uranium market starts the upward move. You blink on this one and you will pay $50/share next year."

Another shot of reality
Abbott Labs has been busy making acquisitions, too, to bolster its infant and adult nutrition products. It purchased the baby and adult nutrition business of Indian biopharmaceutical Wockhardt for $130 million with an eye firmly on expanding its current line of formula and supplement products to the Indian market. Abbott, the maker of Similac baby formula, splits its nutritional segment in favor of the kids 55% to 45%, but gains half its revenues in this division from international markets. The Wockhardt purchase is a smart move to enhance that line.

Highly rated CAPS All-Star intlvaw says keeping its pharmaceutical business balanced means it will be a survivor regardless of the outcome of the health-care reform debate: "Excellent pipeline, nutritional business to balance - capable of cutting R&D to reflect any US health care policies that emerge -- Cheap."

Gather 'round
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