Is this any way to craft an incentive plan? Ohio State football head coach Jim Tressel doesn't earn bonuses based on his team's performance, according to a report in USA Today. He can, however, earn $200,000 for being in the BCS title game.

Meanwhile, Oregon's Chip Kelly -- who apparently personally refunded a disgruntled fan's expenses after a Sept. 3 loss to Boise State -- already has $175,000 in his pocket for the team's Pac-10 performance and can earn more, including $25,000 for beating Oregon State.

USA Today lists figures for coaches whose teams are in contention for the national championship and/or the Bowl Championship Series, and notes:

"All of this is on top of more possible payments for other types of achievements, as well as guaranteed compensation and perks that by themselves place head football coaches -- and some top assistants -- among the USA's highest-paid public employees."

Indulge your love of sports metaphors, Fools, and use the comment box below to tell us what these football teams can teach top companies about how to motivate their leaders. Should pay czar Kenneth Feinberg -- who oversees compensation at bailed-out companies including AIG (NYSE:AIG), Chrysler, Citigroup (NYSE:C), Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), and General Motors -- brush up on his gridiron skills?

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