It's time to update your resume!

Have you ever wanted to run an unprofitable relic in a challenging industry that's saddled with debt and burdened by a questionable product portfolio? Do you enjoy the thought of having your decisions second-guessed by two separate federal governments, not to mention getting to reap the scorn of millions for taking taxpayer money?

If that sounds like the perfect job, then General Motors has the position for you!

With the sudden, unexpected resignation of CEO Fritz Henderson, GM Chairman Ed Whitacre and the rest of the GM board will begin the search for a new leader. Ideally, they'd like to find their very own Alan Mulally, an industry outsider who turned around rival Ford (NYSE:F) after rising through the ranks at Boeing (NYSE:BA). So, in this case, actual auto experience may be a detriment.

To help out the struggling American icon, we've decided to run our own search for GM's next CEO. If you're wondering what qualifies us to play headhunter, keep in mind that this isn't our first rodeo. After Gil Amelio left the CEO job at Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) but before Steve Jobs stepped in to fill the void, it was the Fool who stepped up with a community contest on how to save the struggling company.

When there was a vacancy at Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO), thanks to Jerry "Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) will never get this" Yang's departure, we asked readers if they had what it takes to be Yahoo!'s next CEO. And maybe if Planet Hollywood had paid attention to our Save the Planet Contest (or at least not overexpanded in its quixotic quest to dominate the "mediocre food and tacky merchandise" sector), it would have staved off bankruptcy.

This contest is no joke. In the comments box below, tell us why you are the most qualified person to run General Motors and how you would turn its prospects around in 250 words or less. A complete list of contest rules can be found here.

We can't promise the winner an actual job at GM, but we can give the winner a year's subscription to Motley Fool Pro (a $1,999 retail value), which gives you access to Jeff Fischer and his incomparable team as they combine stocks, options, and ETFs to build a portfolio that can profit in any market.

But be warned: if you actually do get GM's top job, company mascot Bob Lutz may sleep at the foot of your bed like the family pet.

Apply today!