Costco's (NASDAQ:COST) quarterly results weren't too flashy, but who needs razzle-dazzle when you're talking about a great company for the long term? Costco's one of the most solid companies out there.

Fiscal first-quarter profit at Costco was basically flat, up 1.1%, to $266 million, or $0.60 per share. Although this isn't exactly a mind-blowing increase, the figure was in line with analysts' expectations. Net sales increased 6%, to $16.92 billion. Same-store sales increased 3% (taking out impacts from gasoline and currency).

Costco's same-store sales are definitely showing a step in the right direction compared to earlier quarters this year.

Costco's same-store sales (excluding gas and currency effects)

Q4 (Aug. 30, 2009)

Q3 (May 5, 2009)

Q2 (Feb. 15, 2009)




Source: Company earnings releases.

Positive tidbits from the latest release included the fact that revenue from Costco's membership fees increased by 5%, and that its U.S. same-store sales increased 2% despite the lackluster environment.

The wholesaler also said non-food sales have been improving, which is definitely heartening given many folks' focus on necessities these days. Meanwhile, I'll bet some fans will be relieved that Costco and Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) have fixed their pricing dispute. When I make trips to Costco, I often throw some of my beloved Diet Coke into the cart.

Given consumers' newfound thrift, stocks of discounters like Costco, BJ's Wholesale (NYSE:BJ), Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT), and purveyors of cheap eats like McDonald's (NYSE:MCD) have a lot of appeal. These retailers are all about the deals, and that's an important component these days.

Of course, one might argue that Costco actually isn't much of a deal, stock-wise. (In fact, is Costco or BJ's the better buy for investors?) Costco's price-to-earnings ratio of 24 is quite pricy compared to that of comparable retailers. (BJ's is just 14, Wal-Mart's is 16.)

Still, Costco's one of the best-run retailers out there, and it has an awesome head honcho in Jim Sinegal. (Here's a video snippet of Jim Sinegal when he spoke at Fool HQ several months ago.) Frugal investors may want to wait for a cheaper price to get into the stock, but I'd say it's an investment that's perfect for long-term portfolios, regardless of near-term consumer spending pressures.

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