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A lot of us at Fool HQ, me included, enthusiastically say "Yes!"

Why? Because unlike Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT) and Sears Holdings' (NASDAQ:SHLD) Sears and Kmart concepts, its clothes don't suck. Heck, Target (NYSE:TGT) clothes are kinda hipster chic these days.

Part of the allure is that Target partners with real designers. (We're not talking Jaclyn Smith here.) The latest? The Mulleavy sisters' Rodarte line. Their usual designs are sold at places like Barney's, and can cost more than $10,000. At Target, you can get whole outfits for less than $100. See the allure? 

You can see Rodarte's regular line here. Then you can see some of its Target offerings, and the original Newser story, here.

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