Finding the next big stock is both satisfying and profitable. One way to do that is to uncover businesses with improving sentiment among investors.

With that in mind, we used our Motley Fool CAPS screening tool to find stocks on a roll -- those with growing bullish sentiment in the CAPS community. Specifically, we looked for stocks whose CAPS ratings have risen in the last two months to five stars (out of five), from a middling three stars. In other words, these guys have zoomed past the land of four stars in a very short time.

They also have:

  • Market caps greater than $100 million.
  • At least 100 active CAPS picks.

Here are five for your viewing pleasure:                                                                                              



Market Cap

Conexant Systems (NASDAQ:CNXT)


$139 million

Amkor Technology (NASDAQ:AMKR)


$1.3 billion

VanceInfo Technologies (NYSE:VIT)


$786 million

Five Star Quality Care (NYSE:FVE)

Health Care

$120 million

Benchmark Electronics (NYSE:BHE)

Electronic Equipment

$1.2 billion

Of course, screens are merely a first step in the stock-selection process. If any of these interest you, you should research them further -- perhaps even discuss them with the very investors who are bullish on them. So come and join our 145,000-person-strong (and growing) Motley Fool CAPS community in finding the best up-and-comers.

Fool contributor Rex Moore doesn't own any of the stocks mentioned above. Try any of our Foolish newsletters today, free for 30 days. The Fool has a disclosure policy.