If you're feeling good about the market, you're not alone. Take my hand as we go over some of this week's more uplifting headlines.

1. Dishing it out
These may be dicey times for cable providers, but the country's leading satellite television company continues to grow.

DIRECTV (Nasdaq: DTV) posted a 14% spike in revenue in its latest quarter, closing out the period with 100,000 more couch potatoes than it had three months earlier.

The company's growth is impressive. There are cheaper satellite dish services available. Cash-strapped television watchers are also learning that they can milk plenty of ad-supported video for free online. There may very well come a time when DIRECTV grows susceptible to the trends that are impacting many of its peers, but it's just not happening right now.

2. HP chips in to AMD's collection basket
Advanced Micro Devices
(NYSE: AMD) is rolling. It beat analysts' quarterly estimates last month, and now is the beneficiary of Hewlett-Packard's (NYSE: HPQ) move to expand its line of ProBook laptops with AMD processors.

"Little wins with the largest computer manufacturer in the world count for a lot, though we'll have to wait for a while to see any impact on AMD's business," writes Fool contributor Anders Bylund, and rightfully so. However, regardless of how this deal sizes up on AMD's bottom line, it's public validation for the industry's spunky underdog.

Well done, AMD.

3. Betting the over on Overstock.com
It may be a good time to pay attention to Overstock.com (Nasdaq: OSTK) again. The online discounter grew net sales by 42% in its latest quarter. The e-tailer also surprised the market by ringing up a profit of $0.16 a share. Analysts figured the company would post a loss.

You can't blame Wall Street. Short of the occasional holiday quarter, Overstock has historically lost money when it's time to make its trek up to the earnings podium every three months. However, it has now come through with quarterly profits in three of the past four quarters.

The key at this point is for Overstock to retain the market's respect. Analysts will now expect profitability to continue year-round. The shares soared 20% higher on Tuesday after posting the blowout results, so Overstock has found its way back as a market darling, raising the bar of expectations along the way.

4. Taking off from the launching iPad
(Nasdaq: AAPL) still has that magic touch. The company announced that it has moved more than a million iPads since last month's launch, including 300,000 of the pricier 3G models that debuted over this past weekend.

There were plenty of skeptics when Apple first announced its foray into the tablet market. Where is the camera? Where is the USB port or flash card slot? Why would folks buy what is little more than a super-sized iPod touch?

Well, the consumers have spoken -- and one can only imagine how in demand these $499 to $829 gadgets will be when the holiday season comes around.

5. Passing the test drive with flying colors
Auto sales keep revving higher. Ford (NYSE: F) posted a 25% spike in overall sales last month, when compared with April of last year. Even Toyota (NYSE: TM) -- the Japanese automaker that steers through logic's winding roads by sticking to its "moving forward" marketing tag line despite its reputation for iffy brakes -- is rolling along nicely. Toyota's sales in April were up roughly 24%.

Then again, nothing shakes a scandal like having fuel-efficient cars at a time when pesky gas prices are inching higher. Hybrid vehicles across all of Toyota's lines experienced a 41% surge in sales for the month.

GM, Chrysler, and other major car manufacturers posted respectable gains in April. Whether this is pent-up demand from folks who held back on big-ticket purchases during the recession or just a genuine attraction to the sweet deals to be had at the local dealer, it's hard to fault the industry's driving these days.

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