analyst Eric Bleeker has a simple barometer to let him know when something is getting hyped: his mom. So when Eric's dear mother called this week and blurted breathlessly into the phone, "Hey, Eric, did you hear about the Google TV? Should I buy the Google?" Eric knew hype was in the air.

Indeed, Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) had just announced a new search solution that would expand its domain into our living rooms, photo albums, and music collections. According to the company, Google TV would give the wunder-firm a toehold in what's estimated to be a $150 billion TV advertising market.

Sound like a stretch for an Internet search engine? Well, based on what little is actually known about this potential offering, Bleeker thinks it's a fantastic idea -- and one that will please investors. On the face of it, Google TV looks to be a fairly low-cost investment for the company. So there's not a lot of risk if it sputters, but it could bring huge returns if it succeeds.

Pairing Google's powerful advertising savvy with the "beyond PC" entertainment we consume in our homes would be extremely valuable to advertisers and open up a lucrative new revenue stream for the company. And if Google wins here, who loses? Sorry, Ma, you need to watch the video to find out.

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