Motley Fool analyst Anand Chokkavelu notes that since its spill on April 20, BP (NYSE: BP) has gone from a blue chip to a black comedy. It's lost almost 40% of its market value, and its efforts to stem the oil leak in the Gulf have been, well, unsuccessful.

BP and the government haven't yet thrown the kitchen sink at the leak, but there has been a dome, a top hat, golf balls, mud, a top kill ... and now Avatar director James Cameron has met with government officials to share his knowledge of submersibles, thanks to his work on The Abyss and Titanic. When science looks to science fiction for help, you know there's trouble.

Still, investors who can properly assess the risk may want to look into BP. Fellow Fool Matt Koppenheffer is bullish. Check out his article, "Is BP a Buy?"

For those who just want some oil-black humor, check out the fake Twitter feed called BPGlobalPR. The writer pokes fun at BP with tweets like: "Just had our first meeting with our new boss. She made us watch a video of an autopsy ... as a team-building exercise."

Fair warning, though: That's about as tame as the feed gets. We'll continue to monitor the real news coming from BP's efforts in the Gulf, but until then, check out the video here:

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