Every day, Motley Fool analysts post interesting (and sometimes amusing) stories from around the Web on our "Motley Fool Wire." Below, we've spotlighted three of this week's most intriguing posts.

1. How to Punish BP
Slate.com writer Daniel Gross called for reader suggestions on how to punish BP (NYSE: BP) and its executives for the massive oil spill that hit the Gulf coast. The flow is now estimated at 25,000 to 30,000 barrels a day.

Gross wrote: "There were multiple calls for shutting down the company, seizing its assets, and imposing various legal and extra-legal sanctions on its executives. The two most popular proposed punishments are also the most likely to actually occur."

Click the link above to read the creative reader-inspired proposals: Beyond petroleum; The Glamour magazine approach; The Freakonomics approach; and The Quentin Tarantino approach.

2. Report condemns swine flu experts' ties to big pharma
U.K. publication the Guardian reported that scientists who drew up the World Health Organization guidelines advising governments to stockpile drugs in the event of a flu pandemic had previously been paid by the drug companies that stood to profit from their recommendations.

From the report: "An investigation ... shows that WHO guidance issued in 2004 was authored by three scientists who had previously received payment for other work from Roche, which makes Tamiflu, and GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK), manufacturer of Relenza."

Click the link to see how much some governments spent, and how much pharmaceutical companies banked as they stockpiled drugs.

3. McDonald's pulls 12 million cadmium-tainted Shrek glasses
The Washington Post reported that cadmium, a toxic chemical element, has been discovered in the painted design on "Shrek"-themed drinking glasses being sold nationwide at McDonald's (NYSE: MCD). The company issued a voluntary recall of 12 million glasses, which were being sold for about $2 each as part of a promotional campaign.

From the article: "In the case of the Shrek-themed glassware, the potential danger would be long-term exposure to low levels of cadmium, which could leach from the paint onto a child's hand, then enter the body if the child puts that unwashed hand to his or her mouth."

Click the link about to read more about the recall, and related concerns about cadmium being found in children's jewelry.

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