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Claire Stephanic

Claire Stephanic


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Lawyers Go After iPhone 4

Hold on to your hats: Personal injury lawyers have apparently cooked up a plan to sue for dropped calls.

Hasbro Remains Publicly Traded

Rumors circulated by The Wall Street Journal have now been squashed.

Is McDonald's a Villain?

McDonald's faces more criticism (and potential legal action) over its marketing to children.

China's Lifting of the Peg: Good for Business, or Too Risky?

While some companies will initially benefit from a stronger yuan, there are still many risks to consider.

Motley Fool Wire: Top 3 Stories

Read this week's selected stories from around the Web.

More Recall Troubles for Johnson & Johnson

Its McNeil Consumer Healthcare division expands its recall on Tylenol and Motrin products.

Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony Strut Their Stuff

3-D was all the rage at the recent E3 gaming conference, among other new features.

Motley Fool Wire: Top 3 Stories

Read this week's selected stories from around the Web.

Wal-Mart Stays on Top

Wal-Mart and ExxonMobil battle for the top spot on Fortune's list of the largest corporations.

CVS Caremark vs. Walgreen

The two go head-to-head in competition for pharmacy customers.

Google: Evil, Good -- or Both?

Google's CEO admits the company "screwed up" following its latest privacy flap.

How Much Brand Damage Can Companies Endure?

A latest and greatest product recall comes from Whirlpool, whose Maytag dishwashers contain a fire hazard.

Wealth: The Illusion of Happiness

Studies show that more money does not necessarily equal more happiness.

"One of the Worst Natural Disasters of the Century"

Here's how The Motley Fool is helping in Haiti -- and how you can, too.

Is Disney Up to the Challenge?

Disney's acquisition of Marvel leaves the question of whether it's is up to the challenge of making Marvel's more obscure characters a success.

CAPS Screen: 7 Peter Lynch Stocks

Consult our CAPS community to find and invest in stocks that Peter Lynch would love.

Will Google and Yelp Finally Strike a Deal?

A potential deal leaves open speculation about the companies' compatibility.

Will the Airline Industry's New Strategy Work?

Attempts to nickel-and-dime customers can only go so far, so airlines are trying out a new strategy.

Who Cares About Financial Literacy?

Lessons on saving more and spending less become a priority in the wake of the financial crisis.

What Do Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and You Have in Common?

The latest trends in philanthropy point to the individual donor.