Every day, Motley Fool analysts post interesting (and sometimes amusing) stories from around the Web on our "Motley Fool Wire." Below, we've spotlighted three of this week's most intriguing posts.

1. Game Over: Why the Console Business Is Doomed
DailyFinance reported that, based on the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the business model of gaming consoles is becoming outdated. According to the article, total sales of consoles including Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) Xbox, Sony's (Nasdaq: SNE) PS3, and Nintendo's (NTDOY) Wii are in decline. "Overall, the U.S. games business is down 11% this year, and industry revenues shrank by 8% in 2009 to $19.7 billion." 

However, cloud gaming could be on the rise. According to the author: "These days, the cloud is all the rage ... Console games are stuck on your home TV. A cloud-based game would let you start a game on your home TV, pick it up on your iPad while you travel, and finish it on your laptop when you get to your destination."

Click the link above to read about how the console empire is fighting back with new, innovative products.

2. Who Is Tony Hayward?
The Atlantic put together a snapshot of Tony Hayward, CEO of BP (NYSE: BP), by compiling stories about him from around the Web. Comments include,

  • "An Easy Target"
  • "Persistent, Gaffe-Prone, Not Going Anywhere"
  • "Been Through Rough Times Before"
  • "BP May See Him as a Liability"
  • "Which, Paradoxically, Lowers the Stakes for This One Hearing"

From a cited article: "This is the executive who infamously said he would 'like his life back' and predicted that the 'environmental impact of this disaster is likely to have been very, very modest.' " Hayward will try to "strike an empathetic tone ... [b]ut no amount of 'I feel your pain' is likely to shield Hayward from lawmakers' wrath."

Click the link above to read additional description of Hayward.

3. Why don't women buy at Best Buy?
Salon.com offered a piece on how electronics retailer Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) is trying to appeal to women. Apparently it's holding "Women's Leadership Forums" (WOLF) with the intention of understanding why females don't come through the door.

From the article: "Feedback from these forums inspired a redesign of many of Best Buy's showrooms to resemble home spaces, rather than warehouses. One Wisconsin WOLF group created a customer loyalty plan that allows customers to donate their points to schools. Local businesswomen are advising on the retailer's regional sales strategy."

Click the link above to read more about how Best Buy sales are up since the initiative.

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