Ford (NYSE: F) is creating a buzz by bringing its Mustang to the NASCAR track this week. Dodge will follow suit, bringing its own pony car, the Challenger, to the Nationwide Series.

As The Sporting News Wire Service posted on NASCAR's website earlier this month:

Perhaps the most interesting prospect, however, is that Chevrolet may entertain running the Camaro in the Cup Series, a move the automaker declined to make when choosing the nameplate for its Nationwide car. Ford and Dodge run so-called "pony cars" -- the Mustang and Challenger, respectively -- in Nationwide. Chevrolet fields the Impala SS and Toyota the Camry.

Ford and Toyota (NYSE: TM) are both top NASCAR advertisers, and both maintain racing divisions that cater to NASCAR fans. The stock-car racing league got banged up by the recession, enduring slowing ticket sales, merging teams, and employee layoffs.

Though consumer confidence is reportedly down, it makes sense for Ford, Dodge, and NASCAR to collectively spice up their race offerings and spark fans' interest. Enthusiasts who've denied themselves the pleasure of racing might be willing to splurge to take part in the excitement. There may not be a lot of stockbrokers in the stands at a NASCAR race, but there are lots of car buyers and potential investors. Perhaps Ford and Dodge will earn themselves some positive sentiment -- or even a few sales.

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