Motley Fool Money is a one-hour weekly business radio show hosted by Chris Hill and featuring Motley Fool analysts James Early, Seth Jayson, and Shannon Zimmerman. On our most recent Motley Fool Money Radio Show, Chris talked with our analysts about some stocks on their radar. Below is a transcript. You can catch this week's show online at In this lightly edited transcript, the guys share three stocks on their radar.

Shannon: My stock is one I've mentioned before. It's one that I own: Stryker (NYSE: SYK), the medical device and orthopedic implant manufacturer. There's a bit of a fire sale going on at this fantastic company, amid concerns of what might happen to the bottom line with health-care reform. I think those concerns are overblown. Looking at the valuation profile right now, it is well below its own historical five-year average, and below its industry average as well, which is just unconscionable. This is a good buying opportunity for a great company.

Chris: James Early?

James: I have a company called Greif (NYSE: GEF). It makes industrial containers, like plastic boxes and plastic bags to hold, like, stuff. (Laughter.) Exciting! Chemicals and products and things like that.

Chris: Is this a real company, or are you just making one up?

James: I didn't make one up. Long-term management, high insider ownership, and a 3% yield. They raised their dividend recently. I like it.

Chris: Seth Jayson?

Seth: Atheros Communications (Nasdaq: ATHR). I believe I've talked about them here before. They design and sell chips, wireless chips, actually LAN chips, a lot of what you see in broadband routers or inside your computer, or even more importantly in upcoming devices, handheld devices. These chips are designed by Atheros, and they have been a big winner for us at Hidden Gems. Although right now, the stock has kind of been brutally cut back over the past couple of months, down to about $27 a share, and it is tough to figure out exactly what this company is worth. But I look forward to a future when you may see that sort of hockey stick-type growth, because we are getting to a place where you may just see a chip in your refrigerator, in your TV. All sorts of devices are going to have networking chips in them in the future, and Atheros is in one of the best places to capitalize on that.

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