In an unprecedented move, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) is holding a press conference tomorrow to address criticism about one of its products.

After a smashingly successful launch, reports began to circulate that the signal on the iPhone 4 could drop if the phone were held a certain way. Apple played down the reports, suggesting the problem may be a software issue that incorrectly states fewer bars. However, lawsuits have still been flying at Apple, and exclusive carrier AT&T (NYSE: T), as more evidence shows there's more at play here than a simple software flaw.

Testing by Consumer Reports confirmed hardware issues, however, and we now know that covering the antenna gap on the left side of the phone can cause a significant deterioration of the signal. As I've said before, this short-term blip won't make a difference in Apple's smartphone battles with Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), Research In Motion (Nasdaq: RIMM), and Nokia (NYSE: NOK). The iPhone will continue to sell well and gain market share.

Still, we're waiting for Apple's announcement with great anticipation. Will there be a recall? (Unlikely.) Free bumper cases for everyone? (Possible.) Another lecture from Jobs on how to hold a phone? (He wouldn't, would he?)

After polling several of my co-workers here at Fool HQ, I've assembled a list of some of the things we might hear tomorrow.

Top 10 Things We Might Hear at Apple's iPhone Press Conference
10. "We'd like to introduce you to our new Chief Complaints Officer: Mel Gibson!"
9. "After extensive testing, we've determined this is nothing more than a Y2K bug."
8. "To avoid unjust media persecution, Apple is inviting all iPhone 4 users to join The Leader for a conference in Jobstown."
7. "You're also holding our iPad wrong, by the way."
6. "We've decided to backdate the iPhone 4 to before the problem appeared."
5. "We've bought out all duct tape manufacturers."
4. "Now we know how Microsoft feels!"
3. "Our solution? Free straps to bind your left arm, so that you must hold the iPhone 4 right-handed."
2. "By discouraging you from calling, we're trying to protect you from the radiation you'd otherwise be pumping directly into
your skull via our antenna."
1. "Go ahead. Stop using it. We dare you. What else are you going to do at Starbucks? Read? Talk to a girl?"

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