Beginning on July 26, we will unveil a new stock idea at 11 a.m. Eastern on every weekday. To hear more about the series, click here to see a video from co-founder Tom Gardner describing why we're doing the series right now. Here are some answers to a series of frequently asked questions about the 11 O'Clock Stock:

Are "11 O'Clock Stock" recommendations premium recommendations?

  • No. The "11 O'Clock Stock" is a feature from our free online site Our founders, David and Tom Gardner worry that people, disillusioned with investing, aren't staying invested in the market, even though there are still great stocks to be found. So David and Tom tasked our group of analysts to come up with 50 great ideas to help people get excited about investing once again. The picks will be freely available, with follow-up articles on their performance. Future coverage will be based on articles, whereas premium services already have a dedicated team of analysts actively following their portfolio of companies.

Are these The Motley Fool's "50 Best Stocks"?

  • The goal of the series isn't to pick the 50 best stocks in the market; it is to task our analysts with finding 50 great ideas to get investors excited about investing once again. While we believe these stocks will perform well, they are individual ideas from a large and diverse group of analysts. Services like Stock Advisor and other premium services have a dedicated team that makes monthly selection, give "best buy lists," and follow their selections in updates.

Does the person recommending this stock own it?

  • The position of each contributor will be in our disclosure section at the bottom of each article. Whether or not The Motley Fool recommends the stock through one of its services will also be disclosed.

What's the difference between an "11 O'Clock Stock" pick and other articles or five-star recommendations?

  • The Motley Fool gives its writers full permission to disagree with the picks of its newsletter teams. We believe this open debate is part of what makes us "Motley." Likewise, picks for the "11 O'Clock Stock" may be in disagreement with other articles written about the stock. As noted above, these are the selections from a large and diverse group of analysts, and opinions outside of the series may differ. Five-star stocks are the highest rated stocks from our CAPS community. While there will most likely be several five-star stocks selected in the "11 O'Clock Stock" series, analysts will choose from a full selection of stocks.

Will you track these stocks?

  • Yes, there will be a tracking page that is featured at the bottom of each article once we have several picks open, with an established track record. There will also be a CAPS profile for these picks. Once the series is finished, there will be weekly update articles on the performance of the stocks.

Do you like pina coladas?

  • Not as much as getting caught in the rain.

Should we buy all 50 stocks?

  • Investors should take a look at each stock, weigh the analyst's argument, and determine whether the stock makes sense in their portfolio. The big idea here is that The Motley Fool firmly believes that investors need to stay invested in the market, so we want to provide a great selection of picks for investors who believe there aren't any great stocks remaining.

I came to the website at 11:00 and there wasn't a pick up!

  • The picks come out at 11 a.m. Eastern. Make sure you're checking in the right time zone.

I came to your site later in the day and couldn't find that day's pick!

  • Picks will only be on the front page main slot for a limited amount of time. Later in the day, they'll be moved down to the "Top Stories" section. You can also make sure you catch every selection by subscribing to our FoolWatch Daily email.

How is the Fool investing $50,000?

  • We'll buy the stocks at least 24 hours after we announce the pick on As much as possible, we'll try to buy $1,000 of each stock, so that it remains an equally weighted portfolio. As the series continues, we'll publish our purchasing price in an summary article tracking the portfolio's performance against the market.

Will the Fool communicate if the stocks are sold?

  • All stocks will be held for a minimum of one year. The intention is to create a portfolio of buy-and-hold stocks.