China's CNinsure (Nasdaq: CISG) kicks off the new week of earnings reports.

CNinsure sells property, casualty, and life insurance in China. Ho-hum fare? Well, there is no such thing as a boring industry in China's booming economy. Revenue and earnings soared by 37% and 55%, respectively, last year. It gives CNinsure something to build on this year.

(Nasdaq: DAKT) makes electronic scoreboards and other large display systems, but it probably won't want to shine a bright light on its latest quarterly performance. The pros expect a small deficit for the period, reversing a year-ago profit.

Ituran Location Control
(Nasdaq: ITRN) and Guess? (NYSE: GES) are among a handful of companies stepping onto the quarterly earnings stage Wednesday. Wall Street's optimistic, expecting both companies to deliver higher net income than they did last year.

(Nasdaq: NOVL) and A-Power (Nasdaq: APWR) check in Thursday. The two companies are in entirely different sectors -- Novell is the former networking darling while A-Power's specialty is wind turbines -- but they have one thing in common. Both are projected to post flat earnings growth Thursday.

If you love the week so much that you want to put a ring on it, Tiffany (NYSE: TIF) can help. The upscale jeweler reports Friday, and should provide a good glimpse at consumer discretionary trends among the well-to-do.

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