Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) has announced the launch of Cloud Start, industry's first one-stop solution to host a private cloud environment within 30 days.

HP Cloud Start, which is built on HP Converged Infrastructure simplifies and accelerates the process of cloud deployment. It is a holistic integrated approach providing hardware, software and services, which primarily aid businesses to deliver efficient pay-per-use services from a common portal. Also since it's an open architecture, it helps the businesses to integrate their private cloud with third-party enterprise portals, public cloud services and multiplatform clouds.

"To better serve the needs of their enterprises, clients are asking us to help them become internal service providers with the ability to deliver applications through a highly flexible private cloud environment," said Gary M. Budzinski, senior vice president and general manager, Technology Services, HP. "With CloudStart, HP is enabling clients to optimize applications for private cloud computing today, while providing a platform for a comprehensive, open and hybrid environment in the future."

HP's Cloud Start says it is able to reduce provisioning time by 80 percent as businesses do not have look to integrate clouds across infrastructure, applications and services, thus saving time.

HP also said it has partnered with Intel, Samsung, VMware and Carnegie Mellon, a Pittsburgh-based global research university, to implement a private cloud environment based on HP Converged Infrastructure. It will use Carnegie Mellon's private cloud for research on cloud-computing by replacing different silos into one integrated cloud.

HP's launch of Cloud Start comes ahead of its move to outbid Dell's (Nasdaq: DELL) offer for 3PAR's virtual storage facility, which is essential for HP's attempt to evolve into a one-stop shop for businesses offering infrastructure cloud known as Infrastruture as a Service (IaaS), Platform cloud known as Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Application cloud known as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Cloud Start is just an example of how HP can leverage on 3PAR's data storage capacity.

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