On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) is contemplating a bid for data-storage specialist EMC (NYSE: EMC), whose shares rose by 5% for the week.

Apparently, nothing surprises investors when it comes to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. But is this really a legitimate rumor? Oracle has been an aggressive acquirer, sure, but Ellison has a history of using cash for deals. On that basis, he can't afford EMC.

Oracle had $23.6 billion in cash and short-term investments versus $17 billion in debt as of the end of August. Any bid for EMC would have to include a big chunk of new Oracle stock. As a current shareholder, I'm not so sure I'd like that.

Filling a product need?
Yet there are legitimate reasons for Oracle and EMC to be talking. Data storage and analysis is essential for tech infrastructure. That's why Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) bid big for 3PAR when it was still under the direction current Oracle co-president Mark Hurd. It's also the reason IBM (NYSE: IBM) spent $1.7 billion to acquire Netezza.

The difference here is that 3PAR and Netezza serve distinct segments of the storage market. EMC, meanwhile, is the heavy, a disk manufacturer that also develops and sells software. The company owns 80% of VMware (NYSE: VMW), too.

What makes this combination interesting is the Oracle products that President Mark Hurd is charged with selling: the Exadata database machine and the Exalogic server, which Ellison has referred to as "cloud computing in a box."

Both look like cabinets filled with server technology acquired from Sun Microsystems. But they also have a need for storage capacity (i.e., Exadata), and virtualization software (i.e., Exalogic), two things EMC specializes in.

I'm still unconvinced that there's enough of a technical and financial fit between these two, but when it comes to Ellison's acquisition strategy, I've been wrong before.

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