It was just this week that we published a note that Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG) Chrome 9 is scheduled for branching on Nov. 29. However, if you're into version numbers, you can use Chrome 9 already. Expect Chrome 10 before December arrives.

A reader dropped us a note (thanks!) that Google just released Chrome 9, which is available as a nightly build, version 9.0.562.0. We did not notice any specific changes to the browser yet, even if the browser is notably more bloated. The download package now weighs in at a compressed file size of 28.2 MB (68.6 MB uncompressed) -- more than twice the size of Chrome 3, which was the current browser at the beginning of this year.

Chrome 9 has one more experimental feature (accessible via "about:flags"), which adds an infobar refresh to prevent website spoofing.

Chrome 7 is now available as a stable version, so it makes sense that Google releases version 9, as the company usually works on three versions in parallel. However, even by more progressive standards, the version numbering may be a bit excessive. By the end of this year, Google will have gone through seven or eight different browser versions. Some may doubt the benefit of that strategy. 

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