With every investing decision you make, there may be hundreds of factors to consider. But lest you succumb to analysis paralysis, it sometimes pays to boil it all down to the one thing you really need to know.

Motley Fool co-founder and chief Rule Breaker David Gardner knows all about buying stocks when they're value-priced (in 2002 over at Motley Fool Stock Advisor he picked up Marvel when it was sputtering around $2, and then happily watched it take off before the company was eventually acquired by Disney (NYSE: DIS)), but he cautions against waiting for the proverbial price dip. Why? Well, for one, it may never come! Worse yet, what if that dip you've been waiting for is just the first tick toward a terminal tumble?

Ignore the dips, urges David, and instead just buy great companies. While many investors were sitting on the sidelines waiting for Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) to dip to $50, or $80, or $100, David was adding the multibagger to his holdings -- and looking forward to more gains ahead. So don't be a dip. Assemble a portfolio built on lasting quality, not lucky strokes. Watch David's video below to learn more:

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