It's possible that no one knows Berkshire Hathaway's (NYSE: BRK-B)(NYSE: BRK-A) Warren Buffett better than Alice Schroeder, author of Snowball, the most exclusive biography of Buffett ever written. Schroeder spent four years interviewing Buffett and many others to write the most in-depth look into Buffett's life.

She recently sat down with Miguel Barbosa, founder of, for an extensive interview on Buffett, investing, and her own career. For anyone interested in how Buffett really works, parts 3-6 are a must-read.

Part 1:
The Forging of a Skeptic-From Accountant to Buffett's Voice on Wall St.

Part 2:
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Wall St. & Morgan Stanley

Part 3:
Meeting the Oracle of Omaha

Part 4:
Will the Real Warren Buffett Please Stand Up

Part 5:
Buffett: The Investor & Businessman

Part 6
Curve Ball -- Surprising Facts About Warren Buffett

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