Logitech's (Nasdaq: LOGI) Revue box isn't dead. Just ask Logitech.

Putting an end to "puzzling speculation" that production has been suspended on the Google TV set-top box pending software updates, Logitech executive Ashish Arora explains in an official blog entry that it would never have to hold up the assembly line for refreshing that it delivers digitally.

It's a fair point, but why are industry sources telling Asia's DigiTimes -- usually a reliable source for contract manufacturing chatter -- that Logitech is asking the maker of its Revue boxes to hold back on shipments until Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) delivers a software update early next year?

Could it be that they're just not selling so well, and Logitech is simply biding its time? What if the DigiTimes story is right about the action, but off on the reason?

Logitech already had to slash prices on the web-scouring boxes just weeks into its rollout. Other Google TV hardware partners are reportedly calling in sick. We've already seen major networks derail any shot for Google TV to be relevant this holiday season when they didn't sign off on the device serving up their content as streams.

It's funny how Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) keeps getting beat up over the impending streaming competition from dot-com juggernauts, but Google can't seem to get out of the starting gate and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) had to issue a press release last week indicating that it was nearing -- but not yet at -- a million Apple TV units sold.

Logitech isn't throwing in the towel. Arora points out that his team will be promoting Revue at next month's Consumer Electronics Show. Google may have missed the opportunity to score a major home theater hit this year, but original hardware partners Sony (NYSE: SNE), Intel (Nasdaq: INTC), and Logitech realize that they may simply have arrived unfashionably early.

Google TV still has a shot to matter in 2011, as long as it's able to get over the rookie mistake of being named one of Walt Mossberg's biggest duds of 2010.

Does Google TV have a shot in 2011? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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