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Four things you'll hear on this weekend's Motley Fool Money radio show:

1. Costco (Nasdaq: COST) co-founder and CEO Jim Sinegal talks about the effect of winter weather on retailers, and why raising prices "is like sticking a needle in my eye."

2. Investors hated Nokia (Nasdaq: NOK)'s new deal with Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT). So why do our analysts see some upside in the partnership?

3. Why were Cisco Systems' (Nasdaq: CSCO) earnings as disappointing as Chipotle's (NYSE: CMG) were superb? We dig through the results.

4. In looking at Disney's (NYSE: DIS) latest earnings, we debate the topic other shows won't: If you had to take a road trip with one of the Disney characters, which one would you pick?

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Chris Hill owns shares of Microsoft, Disney and Cisco Systems. Costco and Disney are recommendations of both Motley Fool Stock Advisor and Inside Value. Nokia and Microsoft are also recommendations of Inside Value. Chipotle is a recommendation of Rule Breakers and Hidden Gems. The Motley Fool owns shares of Chipotle, Costco, and Microsoft. Motley Fool Alphaowns shares of Cisco Systems, on which the Fool has created a bull call spread position. The Motley Fool's disclosure policy wants to hit the road with that laid-back, singing bear from the movie The Jungle Book.