Poor NetApp (Nasdaq: NTAP). The storage specialist is suffering from a growing market share, strong earnings, and a high market value.

Nice problems to have, don't you think?

NetApp's shares were taken to the cleaners today in reaction to last night's fourth-quarter report. In it, the company met Wall Street's average sales targets and beat bottom-line expectations and pointed to another quarter in line with projections coming up next. Keep in mind that NetApp tends to set the earnings bar low and then beat its own projections.

In a conference call with analysts, CEO Tom Georgens said that "NetApp has gained more market share [over the last two years] than at any time in our history," as proven by sales outgrowing the storage businesses of chief rivals EMC (NYSE: EMC), IBM (NYSE: IBM), Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL), and Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) by 30%.

Analysts took in all this information and came back with a grim verdict: at least four firms reduced NetApp from a "buy" rating to something like a "hold." Their motivations largely came back to valuation, but there's another common theme among the downgrades: Spending that's good for the business in the long term should hurt margins in a short-term perspective.

So NetApp beat the Street where it matters, and even the bears are voicing happy growls over the company's long-term prospects. Under these circumstances, I'm taking today's 7% drop as an entry point for my all-star CAPS portfolio.

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