Some folks have an easier time than others applying that iconic Peter Lynch mantra: "Invest in what you know." After all, simply owning an iPhone -- or having a thing for wings -- may offer something of an advantage when concocting a valid investment thesis for Apple or Buffalo Wild Wings.

For investors drawn to the mining industry by this ongoing rise in metal prices, however, practical insight into the processes that underlie a typical miner's operating environment can be extremely hard to come by. For this reason, I find the following educational video presented by Endeavour Silver (NYSE: EXK) an invaluable resource for investors seeking to apply Lynch's wisdom to the world of precious metals mining.

Part 1 of this two-part series offers a concise explanation of how silver-rich ore veins are formed, a peek at how geologists target and explore for those veins, and a fascinating window into the assay procedures used to determine the concentrations of gold and silver contained within a resulting drill core sample.