A Letter From David and Tom Gardner

The Fool's co-founders share an exciting announcement.

David Gardner
David Gardner
Apr 1, 2011 at 12:00AM

The cat's out of the bag ... this was part of our 2011 April Fool's Day joke. Fool on!

To our friends, family, and the millions who make The Motley Fool the world's greatest investment community:

We hope you are standing with us today.

We suspect you've heard the difficult news that a disgruntled former employee of ours has forwarded to WikiLeaks documents that are private and confidential to The Motley Fool. You might be angry about it or embarrassed for us. But you shouldn't be.

Let us explain.

Throughout our 18-year history, The Motley Fool has championed the rights of individual investors. We've pushed the mutual fund industry for transparency. We've pursued equal rights for individual investors. And we've spotlighted the deceitful dealings by Wall Street's investment bankers (who make Bernie Madoff look like Shirley Temple in saddle shoes at a church picnic).

If there is one investing idea with which The Motley Fool is most closely identified, it's the notion that the best way to build wealth is to take a long-term buy-to-hold approach. Yet with today's leak, you now know that while we have espoused these virtues of long-term investing, we've been privately testing, deploying, and perfecting our internal short-term trading platform, ExcelsiorSpeedTrade900LX™.

We're sorry we didn't tell you sooner, but because we have always advocated for transparency, you can see all the leaked memos by clicking this link. But first, read on.

We must confess that we've been making the bloodiest of fortunes on our proprietary trading system. It makes high-frequency trading platforms look like horseflies stuck in honey. Whether or not we ever truly intended to share this news with the public, Wikileaks has forced our hand. And that could be very, very good news for you. Because now, you can join us.

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Big leaks = Bigger profits!
We know the No. 1 question many must be asking now: "Guys, should a long-term investor like me make the switch to short-term trading? And if so, how?"

It's easy: With our help.

Today we are introducing ZippyTrade 2000TM, the easy-to-use consumer version of our ExcelsiorSpeedTrade900LX™ trading platform. You click a button, and our proprietary software does the rest. (You can find out all you need to know about how to earn quick profits with ZippyTrade 2000™ by clicking here.)

What you don't see in those leaked internal Fool documents (like this one) is how much money we made trading in and out of companies like ZZ Best, (OTC BB: ZBIC) a heart-thumping 227 times in a single afternoon! Heck, we had no idea what the company did -- we were too busy stuffing our profits in the walls of Fool Global HQ.

We're so confident that the ZippyTrade 2000TM trading system will dramatically increase your returns, we will reserve a FREE copy of the software for the first 100 Fools who email to tell us why they want it right now! (Independent, objective analysts at JDE Powders & Company believe this software package is worth between $500 and $50,000.) But you'd better act fast -- we may need to allot those copies for our preferred customers.

Time for a new message
Cynics may be wondering why we hid our short-term trading impulse all these years. And we could spend all day trying to answer them. The much more effective use of our time is to get you up and running with a free trial of our trading system today. Within 30 seconds of opening up the software, you'll get our top 60 buy alerts.

Tell us what you think!
We realize this is a lot to digest. But while our trading strategies may have changed, our policy of being honest with you throughout has not. It's true that we kept ZippyTrade 2000TM under wraps for awhile, but that was only to ensure quality-control and to make sure no one got the wrong idea.

We couldn't be more excited about this news, and we couldn't be more optimistic about the future -- both for our company and your own investment portfolio. In a way, it's time to say thank you, WikiLeaks.

Please email us to share your thoughts or learn more about short-term trading.

David & Tom Gardner