The cat's out of the bag ... this was part of our 2011 April Fool's Day joke. Fool on!

The automotive service company Zippy Lube has just filed a lawsuit against The Motley Fool Inc. for blatant copyright infringement of their “off the shelf” oil-change product ZippyLube 2000. The company claims that The Motley Fool stole and repurposed one of the graphic ads for their new product. 

Below are the box covers for ZippyTrade 2000 and ZippyLube 2000.

CEO Tom Gardner denied the charges, stating

I mean… MAYBE there are some similarities… yeah, I guess you could go that direction, but it’s just co-incidental.  I mean, c’mon… the guy in their box is in his early 20s.  Ours is 25. The shade of blue in their image is #6495ED.  We used #6495EC.  And where’s the oil can?  You can’t just magically make stuff in a [sic] image disappear like some sort of magic photo shop!  Ridiculous. 

See for yourself:

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