Mozilla's Firefox team is mocking Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) latest claim that Internet Explorer 9 and 10 are running native HTML5. "Mozilla should consider adding support for native HTML5 as well. I'm sure that a specification will be produced," suggested former Firefox director Mike Beltzner.

Microosft's Dean Hachamovitch provoked a reaction from Mozilla with the rather aggressive "native HTML5" claim. While Mozilla's bug report isn't posted as a serious note, it certainly hit the right spot, as well as the pride of the developer team. It's another chapter in the verbal battle between Mozilla and Microsoft in which both are trying to argue over their HTML5 and hardware acceleration engines and over who has the better implementation.

Among the bug report responses:

  • "Are we sure Microsoft didn't fat-finger that blog post and really meant 'naive HTML5' rather than 'native HTML5'?"
  • "I'm pretty sure Firefox 5 has "complete native html5″ support. We should resolve this as fixed and be sure to let the world know we beat Microsoft to shipping *complete* native html5."
  • "Who is producing this native hardware? I want a coprocessor dedicated only to accelerating throbbers."
  • "Meanwhile, back in reality, the 'native HTML5' nonsense-phrase is a source of endless fun. Like this bug. So back to the joke."
  • "I was browsing the Web earlier today, and I suddenly realized that it didn't have nearly as many fish as it was supposed to."

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