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On today's edition of "MarketFoolery," the daily podcast from The Motley Fool, we discuss the following topics:

With the head of the International Monetary Fund spending time at Rikers Island, what is the impact on investors watching the IMF's role in Europe? Will Greece's financial situation take a turn for the worse?

With strong international sales but weakness in the U.S., Wal-Mart's (NYSE: WMT) latest earnings report looks a lot like the previous one. What are the biggest untapped markets overseas that will give Wal-Mart an opportunity for continued growth?

Shares of Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) fell today after the company reduced its outlook for the year. What did HP's CEO have to say in an internal memo that's got investors spooked? Moreover, how did the CEO's internal memo become public?

One week after LinkedIn priced its IPO shares at $32-$35, the business networking company announced the shares will be priced at $42-$45. How did LinkedIn gain $1 billion in market cap in one week? Our analysts' skepticism is rising like a pre-IPO share of LinkedIn's stock.

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