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Here are four of the topics our analysts discuss on this weekend’s Motley Fool Money radio show:

1. LinkedIn (Nasdaq: LNKD) had one of the biggest IPOs of any tech company in the past 10 years. Is it a sign of how strong the business is? Or are we headed for another dot-com bubble?

2. Dell (Nasdaq: DELL) and Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) both reported earnings this week. How are the tech giants faring, and how have things changed for the companies in less than a year? 

3. Limited Brands (NYSE: LTD) had another strong quarter. How is the parent company of Victoria's Secret getting it done?

4. Public-health organizations are calling on McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) to fire Ronald McDonald. What, fire Ronald? And leave Grimace in charge?

Plus, economist and author Todd Buchholz discusses the business of competition in his new book Rush: Why You Need and Love the Rat Race and the business of Broadway in the hit musical Jersey Boys.

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