St. Jude Medical (NYSE: STJ) is introducing two new cardiac devices in India, following a recent report that it plans to launch four in that populous Southeast Asian nation.

The company's Indian operations announced Monday that new, smaller scale Unify cardiac resynchronisation therapy defibrillators (CRT-D) and Fortify implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) are "the smallest available device footprint in the industry" worldwide. Both devices are also available in the U.S. and Europe, confirmed Marisa Bluestone, a St. Jude Medical spokeswoman based in the U.S.

Because the devices are smaller in size, the incisions tend to be small, which helps physicians close the wounds up faster. The scar is also less large compared with ones left by previous iterations of these products. Aside from the reduced scale, the newer Fortify and Unify can deliver 40 joules of energy (45J stored) -- the highest energy level available in the industry -- that can help those patients who need a higher energy shock for defibrillation.

Bluestone declined to say whether the products would be cheaper than previous versions. Nor did she say what other products are planned for introduction in India. An Indian blog, which reported that St. Jude Medical would introduce four products in India, said that newer products would address the cost of accessing health-care products in the country.

The company launched a wholly owned Indian subsidiary six years ago. Currently, St. Jude Medical, which makes new innovative medical devices, maintains headquarters and a distribution center in Hyderabad; sales offices in New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai -- three of the four major metros in India; and warehouses in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Chennai.

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