The following video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which Motley Fool technology editor Andrew Tonner and consumer goods editor Austin Smith discuss their favorite stocks.

In today's edition, Andrew and Austin talk about one company they've been pretty down on lately, Barnes & Noble. They're still pretty negative on its future going forward. The company's tablet, the Nook, has impressive sales growth, but is still a distant third in the race behind Amazon and Apple. Its e-books have the potential to cannibalize its own bricks-and-mortar business. Ultimately, Austin and Andrew don't see the company in any better position than other bricks-and-mortar retailers showing weakness right now.

How to profit where Barnes and Noble is whiffing
The growth of Barnes and Noble's tablet is more smoke and mirrors than truly lasting performance. But that doesn't mean everyone is missing the memo. Austin discovered one such company the other day while talking with the Fool's senior technology analyst, Eric Bleeker, and it could be one of the greatest disrupters over the next decade. The company is a major mobile player that has roots in some of the most important technological advancements and patents of our time. To check out details about this company, you can read our brand-new, FREE, special report, "The Next Trillion Dollar Revolution." Click here to access it, absolutely free.

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