Editor's note: The video below incorrectly states that Diamond Foods' stock price slump has been driven by allegations of bribery payments. The allegations into some crop payments made to walnut farmers have been for a delay in the payments, allegedly to inflate earnings. There have been both internal audit committee and SEC investigations to resolve whether accounting rules have been violated. The probes have delayed Diamond Foods' acquisition of Pringles. The Fool regrets the error.

The following video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which, Austin Smith, consumer goods editor and analyst, and Brendan Byrnes, industrials editor and analyst, discuss topics across the investing world.

In today's edition, they discuss the worst-performing stocks of 2011 in the food and beverage space. Central European Distribution stinks -- no surprise there. Diamond Foods -- facing investigations. At least Dole Foods is looking surprisingly bright going forward.

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