The following video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which senior technology analyst Eric Bleeker discusses topics across the investing world.

In today's edition, Eric looks at NVIDIA's recent presentation at Goldman Sachs' technology conference. NVIDIA focused less on long-term opportunities like expanding business in China and focused on opportunities more in the near term such as the ability to drive more graphics processor sales and take share as its new Kepler lineup comes out in the first half of the year. One recent area of disappointment for NVIDIA investors was the company rolling back sales targets for its Tegra mobile processor this year. While NVIDIA had earlier pointed toward up to a billion dollars in sales, it's now projecting "at least" $550 million in sales. That's a pretty huge haircut and a tough pill to swallow if you're hoping mobile can become the company's growth booster. 

Does this mobile disappointment point to long-term struggles in its mobile division? One important caveat worth noting is that NVIDIA's sales forecast doesn't include any meaningful sales of Windows 8-based PCs. With NVIDIA having a deep history of cooperation with Microsoft, it stands to be the leading ARM-based designer for laptops. That opportunity might later than this year, ramping up the pressure on NVIDIA's mobile division in 2013 and 2014. To see Eric's full analysis of NVIDIA at Goldman -- in one-tenth the time as the actual presentation -- watch the video below.

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