Mortgage real estate investment trusts have been a favorite among investors seeking some of the highest-paying dividends in the investment world. But is the dividend party about to end?

Anwar Elgonemy is the author of the new book Skin in the Game: The Past, Present, and Future of Real Estate Investments in America. In part one of my interview, he explained two hidden threats to mortgage REITs and shared why he believes Capstead Mortgage, Chimera Investment Corp., and PennyMac Mortgage are undervalued.

In this audio segment, he analyzes the biggest misconception about mortgage REITs as well as the three primary reasons for investors to own them. After identifying two mortgage REITs he believes are overvalued (including one with a "heart-burning valuation"), Elgonemy shares the one thing investors should always keep in mind about mortgage REITs and their huge dividends.

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