The following video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which senior technology analyst Eric Bleeker and Chief Technology Officer Jeremy Phillips discuss topics around the investing world.

After trying to sell its own forked Android operating system, Baidu is going to go it alone with its ultra-cheap OS that leverages a suite of cloud services from the company. As Eric notes, the company has long teased the introduction of a very basic smartphone aimed at lower price points in China. However, Baidu's past failures with its previous attempts at breaking into the mobile space don't bode well for the success of its newest OS. 

Aside from that, Android has already largely won the low end in China, while Apple has nailed down high-end purchases. Baidu is an excellent company to own thanks to its search dominance, but its mobile OS ambitions aren't likely to move the needle. Watch the video to see Eric's full analysis of the situation.

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