The following video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which industrials editor/analyst Isaac Pino and research analyst Cat Baab-Muguira discuss topics across the investing world.

A manufacturing renaissance is taking place in America, and three-dimensional printing techniques are transforming factories and blue-collar positions. With 3-D printing, or "additive manufacturing," Dow industrial companies like GE, Boeing, and United Technologies can develop prototypes quicker and easier. Engineers now have more flexibility to design a key component in an aircraft engine, for example, print the prototype, and test its usability on the spot. Health-care giants like Johnson & Johnson can utilize 3-D printers to develop tailor-made hip replacements for individuals. 

While the Dow has been around since 1896, it's unlikely that the Dow components have seen a revolution like this since the invention of the assembly line. Right now, the Dow contains only about seven true industrial or energy-related companies, but Isaac believes this new technology could touch all types of companies when all is said and done.

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