In today's edition of "Talking Stocks," Austin wonders whether Facebook(NASDAQ:FB)

However, Austin thinks that what's become a long string of disappointing newly public tech companies is actually what has soured the market for these companies. While Facebook is clearly the largest and most known, it's really the culmination of a group of mismanaged IPOs. Unjustifiable multiples and low-float strategies did just as much damage here. That doesn't mean that tech companies are done going public for now, either. Austin mentions just a few names that people expect to hit the IPO docket in the near future.

If there is one thing we learned from the Facebook IPO, it’s this: Don’t buy the hype. Our top tech analyst, Eric Bleeker, warned investors to forget Facebook, and told them about the tech IPO they should be buying instead. If you missed his call the first time, it’s not too late; this company has room to soar.