In today's edition of "Talking Stocks," analyst Austin Smith looks at one company that recently received a big black eye from the press: Wal-Mart. Following difficulties operating outside of its core market and broad international weakness, Wal-Mart recently indicated it would be re-focusing on its more profitable, albeit lower-growth, domestic market. 

Given Wal-Mart's saturation in the U.S., some investors are worried about whether the company can still reward shareholders. Austin thinks the company is actually very cheap right now and has a lot of potential to continue rewarding shareholders. With an incredible dividend, a track record of share repurchases, and a starkly lower P/E ratio than a decade ago, Wal-Mart still has all the necessary levers to pull to make investors rich.

Just because Wal-Mart seems to be backing away from high-growth emerging markets doesn't mean that every company is realizing the same difficulties. In fact, our analysts uncovered 3 American Companies Set to Dominate the World. They're three well-run, super-familiar companies that are bringing new life to their returns by going international. Click here to get your free copy of our analysts' report before it’s gone.