This afternoon, chip powerhouse Intel announced a $375 million acquisition of 1,700 patents from InterDigital Communciations related to various wireless technologies. It's no secret by now that Intel is making a big push into mobile chipsets, a market currently dominated by ARM Holdings. Shares in InterDigital soared on the news this afternoon, but it may not be the only company benefiting from the news. In the following video, Brenton describes today's deal in more detail and outlines another company that's looking to monetize some patents of its own.

Patent acquisitions and lawsuits have become commonplace as technology companies vie for their share of mobile riches. Aside from huge patent windfalls, investing in the right mobile-component companies has proved to be a great way to invest in The Next Trillion-Dollar Revolution. In a special free report on the topic, our analysts detail a hidden component play inside mobile phones that also is a market leader in the exploding Chinese market. Not only do they describe why the mobile revolution will dwarf any other technology revolution seen before it, but they also name the company at the forefront of the trend. Hundreds of thousands have requested access to previous reports, and you can access this new report today by clicking here -- it's free.

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