Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (NASDAQ:GMCR) is the investing Icarus of the last 12 months. Once a multibagger stock, Green Mountain couldn't maintain its lofty growth multiples and has crashed down into value stock territory. A combination of factors including slowing growth, mounting inventory, questionable management missteps, and very public short calls have all contributed to depress shares to less than 20% of their 52-week highs. Green Mountain's slide bears more than a passing resemblance to Krispy Kreme's (NYSE:KKD) similarly publicized fall from grace. Both stocks became Wall Street favorites and couldn't maintain the growth commensurate with their multiple expansion after running up in price. Krispy Kreme became short-term focused with rapid expansion and pushing equipment on franchisees, and there is a growing belief that Green Mountain has done the same thing via channel stuffing and aggressive accounting.

That's just one of the reasons I love investing in stable and proven dividends. They may not be as sexy as high-growth stocks like Green Mountain and Krispy Kreme, but they rarely get their knees taken out in the same way, either. The Motley Fool has compiled a special free report outlining our nine top dependable dividend-paying stocks. It's called  "Secure Your Future With 9 Rock-Solid Dividend Stocks." You can access your complimentary copy today at no cost! Just click here to discover the winners we've picked.