Markets were down across the board today, as all three major indexes saw broad declines, ranging from 0.25% for the Dow Jones Industrial Average to 0.75% for the Nasdaq. Concerns over earnings season is heightening, as Warren Buffett came out and tempered his enthusiasm toward the U.S. economy. However, three stocks managed to surge past the market’s malaise and record the Dow’s largest gains. Watch and discover which components were today’s big winners, and if those gains will continue.

Instead of just picking an index fund, why not look to invest in individual Dow components. Fortunately, the Dow is loaded with companies with solid dividend payouts and highly sustainable business models built for the long haul. The 3 Dow Stocks Dividend Investors Need all have an X factor that makes them stand out from their illustrious Dow peers. Download our special free report on these three companies by clicking here.