Today, analysts Brendan Byrnes and Austin Smith discuss some positive signs from automakers. For instance, AutoNation's earnings jumped 30% year over year, and sales of new cars and trucks rose 44%. Some of these great numbers come from Japanese automakers recovering from the tsunami more than a year ago, but the signs look good for domestic auto manufacturers as well.

Ford in particular has been performing incredibly well as a company over the past few years -- it's making good vehicles, is consistently profitable, recently reinstated its dividend, and has done a remarkable job paying down its debt. But Ford's stock price is down more than 20% over the past year. Does this create an incredible buying opportunity, or are there hidden risks with the stock that investors need to know about? To answer that, one of our top equity analysts has compiled a premium research report with in-depth analysis on whether Ford is a buy right now, and why. Simply click here to get instant access to this premium report.