Over the next couple of weeks, John and David will be reviewing their real-money 10-Bagger Portfolio. In this video, they take a closer look at Intel.

The chip maker continues to make progress in the current environment, and is investing heavily in its future. Couple that with its 3.4% yield, and Intel offers a compelling long-term investment opportunity.

Intel is the leading microprocessor maker for PCs and servers, well ahead of competitor Advanced Micro Devices. However, it's trailing in the mobile chip market, where ARM Holdings' designs lead the way. After some failed attempts, Intel hopes to break into the mobile market. Google's Motorola Mobility division expects to launch an Intel-chip phone at the end of the year. In addition, the company made an investment in chip-equipment maker ASML in order to get ready for its next generation of processors. John and David realize that Intel is not going to generate huge multibagger returns anymore, but they see it as an attractive way to generate excellent total returns over time.

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