Ford has recently made an announcement that Lincolns will be solid in China beginning in 2014, which will help Ford increase their international presence in a market where GM is the overall market share leader. It will be a challenge for Lincoln in an increasingly competitive luxury market featuring German brands Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, which combined hold around 80% of the luxury car market. Still, this is the right move for Ford, which needs to increase its presence in the world’s biggest auto market to hit its goal of 8 million vehicles sold by 2015. Check out the video below for Industrials Editor Brendan Byrnes’ full take on the move. 

Ford has been performing incredibly well as a company over the past few years. It's making good vehicles, is consistently profitable, recently reinstated its dividend, and has done a remarkable job paying down its debt. But Ford's stock price is down over 20% over the past year. Does this create an incredible buying opportunity, or are there hidden risks with the stock that investors need to know about? To answer that, one of our top equity analysts has compiled a premium research report with in-depth analysis on whether Ford is a buy right now, and why. Simply click here to get instant access to this premium report.